Problem gambling identified.
Inform. Ask. Advise.
Data mining, applied.
Quick, seamless integration.
Any game, across games.
Do the right thing.
  • Meaningful CRM player analytics.

    The Bet Buddy data analytics platform allows operators to build meaningful, direct relationships with both retail and internet players.

  • Quick, seamless integration.

    Bet Buddy can be quickly integrated with your player account management and data warehouse systems and is also available as SaaS. We do all the integration work.

  • Problem gambling identified.

    Using the latest research in gambling addiction the PowerCrunch data analytics platform identifies players with possible problems.

  • Inform. Ask. Advise.

    Inform players of your findings using Advisor. Ask players about their gaming habits using QuickTest. A happy player is an informed player.

  • Data mining, applied.

    Millions of game plays analysed to effectively market your products to players while protecting the small minority of players showing the early signs of problem gambling.

  • Any game. Across games.

    From lottery games and sports betting, to poker, casino and bingo; any and every game play, session and transaction is analysed by PowerCrunch.

  • Doing the right thing.

    Player protection and effective CRM is fast becoming a differentiating factor. Help protect vulnerable players using VeriPlay, the cross-operator self-exclusion service.

  • Bet Buddy Wins R&D Investment.

    Bet Buddy is delighted to announce that it has won significant R&D investment from the Technology Strategy Board, in collaboration with City University London's Machine Learning Group.